Change with Rapid Results

Nine teams, four months, one holistic development process using the Rapid Results approach: the new head of BMW’s Engine Testing Unit was required to increase customer satisfaction, improve processes and develop the culture. But the main challenge was to transform the historically developed unit with 600 employees into a high-performance organization.


  • After the development of an attractive vision and a comprehensive development roadmap, one issue remained: How to energize the organization and people towards change?


  • Based on the Rapid Results approach five steps were taken to transform the organization and to increase collaboration with internal customers.


  • Reduced setup time in the prototyped fields by half, 20 % capacity gain at engine testing unit, 95 % availability of test cars and output increase.
The Task


BMW Engine Testing Unit


3 Years

Initiated by one of BMW’s internal change consultants, an innovative change process was designed. Based on an dialogue-style short assessment feedback (customer conference, two employee workshops) the management team developed an attractive vision for 2016 and a comprehensive development roadmap. But one issue remained open: How to energize the organization and people towards change? A five step Rapid Results roadmap was set up.

Step 1: Two-day goal-setting workshop

The top management defined the ambition, nine project leaders worked out projects with self-defined, challenging and measurable goals (e. g. reduce setup time by 50 percent, increase capacity utilization by 20 percent).

Step 2: Nine Rapid Results projects

Each project leader put his team together and worked on his goals without additional resources. Top management freed the teams from limiting restrictions. Now each team was responsible for their own way of working.

Step 3: Learning spaces

Every 4th week the nine team leaders met one day to exchange their experience, coach each other and work on how to overcome obstacles. Top management was invited for an hour to support if required. People’s »batteries« were reloaded.

Step 4: Lessons learned workshop

After four months, the project leaders and line managers (24 people) held a one-day workshop where results were presented and practical experience was exchanged. The group discussed success factors and cultural and organizational obstacles.

Step 5: Transfer into daily life

The top management took the outcome and experiences of the Rapid Results initiatives to create changes in structures, processes and systems. A new way of working could be rolled out because people believe that it works.

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