4 Key Toolsets

For the past months, all of us were working in a hybrid mode between face to face and digital presence. We have experimented, tried, and worked with many tools and methods from the very practical Menti to the fancy Miro and Orchidea, from virtual idea generation processes to virtual icebreakers, creativity boosting methods, and innovation marathons. We have run leadership development programs, supported the development of teams, and facilitated large group events – all virtually. Today it is clear what can be transferred in our virtual interactions and when a physical meeting or workshop is a must. We also know what are the extra factors, which makes virtual settings work.

With this program, we are sharing with you the best of the tools which we believe will help you in your virtual collaboration.

Besides the tools, we are also proud to share our experience to enable you for an even more successful virtual collaboration.

In 2021 we continue to use the tools and methods which make out interactions fruitful in the virtual space. For HR business partners, internal consultants, project managers and leaders at all levels.